Gastronomic Consultancy

Gastronomic consultancy is part of the services that Tucci Atelier Gastronomico , thanks to the training and work experience of our team of professionals, offers to restaurants, hotels, bars, fast food, and in general to all companies operating in the catering and Food & Beverage sector.

Our main customers are:

Hoteliers and hotel groups, restaurants, bistros, managers of the Food & Beverage sector, managers of other activities in the catering sector, food industries.

Our skills:

  • Offer a multidisciplinary vision
  • Staff training for the management of catering activities
  • Design and implementation of distribution layouts for professional kitchen equipment and other gastronomic production centers
  • Consultancy and professional support for the start-up and management of catering activities, with the creation of traditional recipes and menus or linked to new trends, training of kitchen and dining staff and improvement of the wine list
  • Set up strategies to improve the management and management of the company
  • Establish new strategies to increase profitability